Seminary professor: "One Reason I Believe the Scriptures are Inerrant" 03/14/2012

by Moody Adams
When Professor Kevin D. Kennedy was a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C., a notorious moderateprofessor declared, "For those of you who believe that the Bible contains no errors, look at this -- Luke says that Jesus was born in a stable while Matthew says that He was born in a house!"

Of course Matthew says no such things. It says that sometimes in His early life He was living in a house.

Kennedy says, “This incident taught me much about Scripture and the interpretation of Scripture. First, it taught me that the attitude of the interpreter is central to the proper interpretation of Scripture. Since my professor was on a mission seeking errors in the text, he found errors everywhere, even where no other reasonable person would see an error. Second, the sheer absurdity of the professor's interpretation that day taught me something even more important -- if I am going to claim that there are errors in the text of Scripture, then I must first claim that there are no errors in my interpretation of that text.

“There are really only two alternatives when asking whether the Scriptures have errors. The first alternative is to conclude that my interpretation is valid and without any error and that I am right to conclude that this particular text contains an error.”

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