Entire Mosques Coming to Christ in Sub-terranian Africa, Says Former Church Planter 03/28/2012

by Moody Adams
“The idea of more than 200,000 former Muslims coming to faith in Sub-Saharan Africa within a few short years is mind-boggling,” writes Michelle A Vu, a Christian Post reporter. “But entire mosques in Sub-Saharan Africa coming to faith?
That news is even harder to wrap one's mind around, but it is, in fact, what is happening according to reports from a former church planter among Muslims in West Africa.

“In the new book, Miraculous Movements, Jerry Trousdale, now director of International Ministries for CityTeam International, records amazing and inspiring stories of faith among Muslim communities in Africa.”

We have had our BSI schools in Africa for 5 years and are seeing a great number of Muslims turning to Christ. After seeing the cruelty of the North Sudan Muslims it is very easy to win them to Christ.

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