Two American Missionaries Killed in Mexico 04/10/2012

by Moody Adams
Couple who ministered to poor strangled in their home EL CERCADO, Mexico — John Casias found his calling when he joined a Texas church group that came to preach the Gospel in the little Mexican town of El Cercado in the early 1980s.
He later wrote that he saved nine souls, but worried how the villagers would grow without a teacher. By the time he returned to Texas, he knew his future would be as a missionary. When he told his wife, Wanda, she asked only what they would take and when they would leave.

“We were called to Mexico,” son John Casias said his mother told him.
“These are our people.”

2 U.S. missionaries found strangled in Mexico “The bodies of John and Wanda Casias came one last time Thursday to the church they began, the Primera Iglesia Bautista Fundamental Independiente,” said the AP. “Iin the violence-plagued region of northern Mexico, where mourners paid homage to the couple who were discovered strangled in their home two days before.”

Back in the early 1980s the couple visited El Cercado, Mexico with a church group on a mission trip. By the time they returned to their Texas home they felt certain they were called of God to return to the town as missionaries.

Their son, Shawn Casias, discovered the body of his mother at about 4 p.m. Tuesday when he went to their home to pick up a trailer. There was a gash in her head and an electrical cord around her neck. Later, his father had been found in a storage room of a small building on the property. His father also had an electrical cord around his neck.
Bothe the missionaries had been choked to death.

The Casias children said their parents knew the dangers but couldn't be scared away.

“They built a great ministry," son John Casias said. "The love they had for the Mexican people. I had this conversation with them a thousand times … 'We're going to die here. This is where He led us.'"

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