Fans Did Not Want Rick Petrino Fired 04/11/2012

by Moody Adams
Rick Petrino, has been fired by Arkansas University after a motorcycle wreck with a mistress he hired over 158 other candidates, and gave a gift of $20,000. Then he lied about it for several days. This affair cost Petrino $21 million dollars.

Their was an outcry fronm Arkansas fans to keep the coach, showing that winning football games and bringing in millions of dollars is more important that character and morals.

Zick Boone said, I know, it is just a shame that the most important things to learn from football, hard work, team spirit, and fair play have taken a backseat to winning.

I hope he stays. He's a winner," said 72-year-old Judy Grisso. "I don't want to judge his indiscretions. We've seen so much of this lately, everywhere. Who are we to judge?"

Shod Neely, said: "I honestly don't care who he has sex with. It's irrelevant to me . . . I'm more worried about going back to losing than anything."

"Obviously, he was stupid, but I'm more concerned about winning," said Mark Thompsen. "All I care about is beating Alabama and LSU. If we beat them I'm okay with it, short of him stringing someone up."

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