We Have Fallen in Love With a Killer 04/24/2012

by Mooey Adams
America lost 418,500 of its finest young men in World War IIís bloody 4 years. Alcohol is killing that many Americans every four year. Yet there are protests against war, but there are none against alcohol.

The nuclear bombs on Japan killed 562,340. Alcohol kills that many every 5 years. But we curse the nuclear booms and cherish our whiskey.

Drugs have killed 37,000 in one year. Alcohol kills that many every 5 months. Yet we arrest the drug pusher and license the alcohol merchant.

Automobile accidents kill less than 40,000 a year. Alcohol kills more than that every 6 months. But we fear the auto accident and love the liquor.

Cancer kills 562340 a year. Alcohol nearly doubles this every year. Yet we dread the killer cancer and joyful drink the alcohol.

Love is blind and never more than in our love affair with alcohol.

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