Family Battle Offers Look Inside Lavish Trinity Broadcast Network 05/15/2012

by TBN
The prosperity gospel preached by Paul and Janice Crouch, who have built the world's largest Christian television network, Trinity Broadcast Netwoek,has worked out well for them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Crouch have his-and-her mansions one street apart in a gated community here, provided by the network using viewer donations and tax-free earnings,” reports TBN, an Internet new service. “But Mrs. Crouch, 74, rarely sleeps in the $5.6 million house with tennis court and pool. She mostly lives in a large company house near Orlando, Fla., where she runs a side business, the Holy Land Experience theme park. Mr. Crouch, 78, has an adjacent home there too, but rarely visits.”

“Now, after an upheaval with Shakespearean echoes, one son in this first family of televangelism has ousted the other to become the heir apparent. A granddaughter, who was in charge of TBN's finances, has gone public with the most detailed allegations of financial improprieties yet, which TBN has denied, saying its practices were audited and legal.”

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