The "Harbinger" is a Book Full of Misleading Teachings 06/02/2012

"The Harbinger is a novel that is becoming very popular among both Christians and non-Christians, even reaching the top of the New York Times best-seller list at this writing," writes T.A. McMahon. "Cahn gleans nearly all of his correlations connecting America with a prophecy made to Israel from one verse--Isaiah 9:10. To begin with, this verse applies only to the tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, who, along with the Southern Kingdom of Judah, comprise God's covenant people. All the way through TH, the United States is presented implicitly as a nation in covenant with God. No, God has only one covenant nation--the nation of Israel. This is a critical error of the book. Although that may be overlooked by someone eager to recognize the U.S. in Isaiah's prophecy, one must read the entire context, which begins with verse 8 and runs through verse 21 of chapter 9."

The author is selling a lot of books and making a huge amount of money, but the Old Testament is for the Jews, not the U.S. This is the only country God has a covenant with.

God’s promise of a New Covenant is for Israel and Judan alone, not the U.S. They committed idolatry and
and were carried off under King Jeroboam in 721 B.C. Yet God promised that in the latter days (last days) he would “remarry Israel” (an unfaithful wife whom He had divorced) by sowing Israel as seed into the earth and showing mercy upon her, restore her place as people of God. (Hos. 2:19-23; 3:5).

Peter God's promise to Israel in I Pet. 1:1. It confirms God’s promises to Israel, showing they were born again into the covenant of God (1:22), and that he in fact had shown them mercy, calling them his people, (2:9,10).

Paul also writes of Israel's regathering in the last days to her resurrection, (Rom. 11:15; 1 Cor. 15).

Nowhere is the United States mentioned in the Old nor the New Testamant.

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