Is Evolution on its Way Out? 06/05/2012

by Moody Adams
A Gallup poll shows only 15 percent of Americans believe in atheistic evolution!

Carl Gallup, in his new book “The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith,” offered the following as examples of his assertion: “The missing link between chimps and man has still not been found. Really! In over 150 years of desperately looking for it, we have no such fossil evidence. If evolution were true, we should have many such pieces of verifiable fossil evidence. Instead, we have none.”

He continued, “Not one scientifically verifiable transitional fossil has been discovered proving that one kind of living thing eventually becomes another kind of living thing.”

Further, he stated, “Never has a living organism been observed or demonstrated to arise from a non-living substance or conjoining of chemicals (which is the foundational premise of origins/evolution).”

“These,” Gallup says, “Go to the very foundation of evolution theory. If the foundation is so unstable and so lacking in real scientific evidence, how can the entire proposition declare itself to be settled science?”
Gallup believe that evolution is on its way out in 2013!

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