U.S. Government Spending Billions to Spread Shariah Law 06/18/2012

by Moody Adams
A federal appeals court has ruled a Marine can’t challenge a U.S. government subsidy for a program that promotes Shariah law, the radical Islamic law that includes stoning homosexuals to death and killing anyone who leaves the Islamic religion.

This ruling came today from judges on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

They said a taxpayer lacked “standing” to even complain about the issue.

The appeals judges affirmed an earlier decision from a trial court judge who concluded the $153 million of U.S. taxpayer money spent supporting Islamic Shariah really isn’t anything worth mentioning.

The case was filed against Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner who was giving $153 million to AIG insurance, which operates multiple companies promoting Shariah-complaint insurance products.

AIG has five subsidiaries that promote and practice Shariah in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Bahrain and the United States.
The companies hire Muslims to tell them how to meet the demands of Shariah. The U.S. government has placed no controls over the billions of dollars in taxpayer money delivered to AIG.

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