What Will Destroy America? 06/19/2012

by Moody Adams
Sodom and Gomorrah undermined the family with sodomy and God reigned down fire, destroying these people. Despite a similar aggressive homosexuality in America, God has not destroyed us.

Rome disregarded human life, killing gladiators for entertainment. The Roman Empire fell. Despite the fact America is killing millions of unborn children, God has not destroyed us.

God does not have to destroy America, because the American people are destroying themselves through unbridled covetousness.

They tell us the Federal debt is 15.7 trillion. However, if you take into account all the interest payments you’ll have to make on that 15.7 Trillion dollar debt, when you finally pay that all off, you will have paid 50 trillion including interest.

It gets even better — this 15.7 trillion debt doesn’t include the entitlements going to Medicaid, Medicare, union pension funds, and other entitlement programs. When these are added in, we are over 100 trillion in debt, again probably not counting interest.

The world’s financial problems are easy to explain—people simply want more than they can afford. This is called covetousness.

We are borrowing over a trillion dollars a year. If this continues it will bankrupt the nation–this will destroy the nation. If this does not continue, there will be riots, burnings, and killings—these will destroy the nation.

Either way America is doomed by her greed—her own covetousness.

“Thou shalt not covet” is part of the 10 commandments we have determined to put out of sight and out of our hearts.

The International monetary problems are not complex. They are very simple. We have ignored the plain Bible command, “Thou shalt not covet.” (Romans 13:9).

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