Evolution Nonsense Full of Junk Science 07/09/2012

There was a special on televison this week that announced that Science had finally proven the “Big Bang Theory.” Really? The sad part of this is that theories like the “Big Bang,” “Global Warming,” and Evolution get passed off as Science.

By using the conservation of angular momentum, we can prove the big bang theory did not happen. Scientists believe the the universe started with a dot. No bigger than a dot on a piece of paper. Then, large amounts of dust started spinning, or, rotating around it. Now, if it was spinning around it, it was spinning in a certain direction. We do not know which direction. Then BANG. Huge explosion, and all the planets and universes came spinning out, all going in different directions.

According to the law of physics, the conservation of angular direction, if some thing, a certain object, is spinning, and a piece of it brakes off, it will fall in the same direction as the object was spinning. E.g, if you were on a merry go round, and you fell off, you would fall in the same direction the merry go round was spinning. If it was spinning clock wise you too would fall clock wise.

So when the bang happened, the planets cmae flying out of the dot. SO, all the planets should be spinning in the same direction as the dust was circling the dot. But...Why is Venus, uranus and Earth rotating in opposite directions than all the other planets? Why does Saturn have moons spinning in both directions? This video I link is two hours long. But WATCH it! It is worth it! It proves a six day creation! http://freehovind.com/watch-4308235066145651150

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