Correction: Man arrested for Home Bible Studies Wasn’t Having Studies in His Home! 07/16/2012

by Moody Adams
Michael Salman, was arrested after building a church on his property which violated zoning rules. He was not having Bible studies in his home. He built a large church in his backyard.
by Moody Adams
The City of Phoneix released these facts:

“The Michael Salman court case is about building safety. Building and safety codes are in-place to protect the safety and welfare of all of our residents. Some of the relevant facts in this case include:

• A house of worship is allowed in any zoning district in the City of Phoenix

• The case is about the building that is used for regular assembly does not meet construction and fire code requirements for assembly

• All houses of worship in the City of Phoenix must conform to the same code

“Mr. Salman had regular gatherings of up to 80 people. He held services twice a week and collected a tithe at the services. The building that he held services in had a dais and chairs were aligned in a pew formation. He held himself out as a being a church through the media (Harvest Christian Church) and claimed a church status for tax exemption purposes on his property.”

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