Gallup Says America Has Decided She Doesn’t Need God 07/16/2012

America has changed says Mr. Gallup, of Gallup polls, because Americans have abandoned the Judeo/Christian pillars and heritage of our nation’s founding.

“While our Founding Fathers never intended for the U.S. to be a theocracy (they had escaped just such a system in Europe), they did intend for it to be a constitutional republic based on the Judeo/Christian principles found in the Bible” says Gallup, ‘This fact cannot be intelligently denied. From the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution itself and the very first amendment – this foundational underpinning is blatantly obvious.”

Gallups told WND, “About 60 years ago, our culture decided it didn’t need God or the mention of His Word anymore. So, we have raised several generations of children to believe that they are the ‘me’ generation. They were taught that there is no God, there is no ‘higher authority,’ there are no moral absolutes, and that they are nothing more than a cosmic happenstance based upon sheer random luck. I have an entire chapter about this phenomenon in my new book.”

His new book, "Magic Man In The Sky: Effectively Defending The Christian Faith.” has become the No. 1 best-seller on Amazon in Science and Religion.

He said, “With such a worldview thoroughly ingrained within the institutions of our culture we now reap what we have sown. The abortion holocaust could not happen without first convincing the nation to believe that we are nothing more than a mere animal. The radical homosexual movement could have never risen to its current level without first persuading the nation that there is no standard of right and wrong concerning our sexuality.”

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